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Rex Stout's Published Books

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Nero Wolfe Novels/Stories

Fer-de-Lance 1934
The League of Frightened Men 1935
The Rubber Band 1936
The Red Box 1937
Too Many Cooks 1938
Some Buried Caesar 1939
Over My Dead Body 1940
Where There's a Will 1940
Bitter End (in "American Magazine" Book Pub 1977 in Corsage, see below) 1940
Black Orchids w/ Cordially Invited to Meet Death 1942
Not Quite Dead Enough W/Booby Trap 1944
The Silent Speaker 1946
Too Many Women 1947
And Be a Villain 1948
Trouble in Triplicate
   Before I Die
   Help Wanted, Male
   Instead of Evidence
The Second Confession 1949
Three Doors to Death
   Man Alive
   Omit Flowers
   Door to Death
In The Best Families 1950
Curtains for Three
   The Gun with Wings
   Bullet for One
   Disguise for Murder
Murder by The Book 1951
Prisoner's Base 1952
Triple Jeopardy
   Home to Roost
   The Cop Killer
   The Squirt and The Monkey
The Golden Spiders 1953
Three Men Out
   Invitation to Murder
   The Zero Clue
   This Won't Kin You
The Black Mountain 1954
Before Midnight 1955
Three Witnesses
   The Next Witness
   When a Man Murders
   Die like a Dog
Might as Well Be Dead 1956
Three for The Chair
   A Window for Death
   Immune to Murder
   Too Many Detectives
If Death Ever Slept 1957
And Four to Go
   Christmas Party
   Easter Parade
   Fourth of July Picnic
   Murder is No Joke
Champagne for One 1958
Plot It Yourself 1959
Too Many Clients 1960
Three at Wolfe's Door
   Poison a La Carte
   Method Three for Murder
   The Rodeo Murder
The Final Deduction 1961
Gambit 1961
Homicide Trinity
   Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
   Death of a Demon
   Counterfeit for Murder
The Mother Hunt 1963
Trio for Blunt Instruments
   Kill Now-Pay Later
   Murder Is Corny
   Blood Will Tell
A Right to Die 1964
The Doorbell Rang 1965
Death of a Doxy 1965
The Father Hunt 1968
Death of a Dude 1969
Please Pass The Guilt 1973
A Family Affair 1975
Corsage: A Bouquet of Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe
   Bitter End (1st book Pub)
   Why Nero Wolfe likes Orchids (1st Book Pub)
   An Informal Interview w/Rex Stout conducted
   April 1973 (1st Pub)


The President Vanishes 1934
The Hand in The Glove (Dot Bonner) 1934
Red Threads (Inspector Cramer) 1939
The Mountain Cat 1939
Double for Death (Tecumseh Fox) 1939
Bad for Business (Tecumseh Fox) 1940
The Sound of Murder (Alphabet Hicks) 1940
The Broken Vase (Tecumseh Fox) 1941

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