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Allow buyers to search and browse your books on your website

Using Amazon.com's New Web Services technology, WhiteOakBooks.com will create and maintain your Amazon Marketplace book inventory on your own website for a low quarterly fee. Once setup, the book inventory portion of your website will not require any maintenance on your part. Customers will be able to browse and search your inventory... only leaving your site when they click the 'Buy From Amazon' button; after the book has been added to their Amazon.com Shopping Cart. No more sending your customers to Amazon's website where they can see that there are 100 copies of the book you are trying to sell, starting at $1.00. You invited the customer to your website... do not risk losing them another Marketplace seller by directing them to the Amazon.com website page before the sale is made.

Standard Features

  • Reads your entire Marketplace inventory information from Amazon.com. (New - If you are a Art of Books or Fillz user we read your inventory directly from them)
  • Determines the categories your books belong in for browsing. (New - If you have your categories set on AOB or Fillz they can be used on the website)
  • Creates a tree-like structure of WebPages where the customer can click down to category pages showing your books with a 'Buy From Amazon Button".
  • Customers are able to search your inventory from all pages.
  • Generates 'featured books' pages including customer and Amazon.com reviews which generates content searchable by search engines on your website.
  • While WhiteOakBooks.com can setup your entire site for you; a control panel is available that allows you to change the look and feel of your site yourself.
  • Any number of your own pages can be created and uploaded to the website.
  • Your created pages can be added to the top navigation menu.
  • A customized home page can be built for your website.
  • Amazon New inventory can be searched along with your inventory. If the user puchases an Amazon item you receive the commission for it. This can be configured to always show Amazon items or only show Amazon items when you don't have any items to display for the keywords searched for. (New - we can intergrate an Amazon Astore into this search)
  • Ads or Amazon search boxes/links can be placed on your website. You receive any commissions from these.
  • UK Amazon stores are supported. (The buy button takes the user to your zshop listing)
  • Buttons instead of text links can be used on the navigation menu.
  • Marketplace DVDs, Videos and Music are also categorized and displayed on your website
  • Payments you can accept on your Website

  • You are required to have a 'Buy From Amazon' button next to each listing.
  • If you have a Paypal.com account a Paypal.com 'Buy Now' button can be placed next to the Amazon Buy Buttons.
  • You can have a link that details what other payments you accept and allows your customers to fill out a form to ask you for more information.
  • You cannot take Credit Cards numbers directly on your site but can have a telephone number or order form on the website to allow customer to send you their CC information.
  • Control Panel Features

  • Configure most colors, fonts, link styles, and general look & feel of your site.
  • Create About, Store Policies, Contact, Privacy, Inquiry and Other Payments Accepted pages.
  • Enable a Paypal.com 'Buy Now' Button and set your PayPal Shipping fees.
  • Enable a counter for your website.
  • Configure store name, Copyright, and Text Headings.
  • Upload logos and backgrounds to your website.
  • Configure the information displayed on Featured, Search, Product and Detail Pages.
  • WhiteOakBooks.com Amazon Marketplace Bookstore Service Fees
    Number of Books Up To
    Up To
    Up To
    Up To
    Up To
    One Time Setup Fee $50 $50 $75 $100 $100 Contact
    Quarterly Fee* $20 $30 $40 $50 $60 Contact
    You receive the Amazon Associate Fee on all book sales Free $5 $10 $15 $20 Contact
    Hosting Fee Free Free Free Free Free Free
    Generate Categories Explain Free Free Free Free Free Contact
    Email Accounts 10 10 10 10 10 Contact
    Website Style Control Panel Free Free Free Free Free Free
    Read Inventory From The Art of Books or Fillz
    (WhiteOakBooks recommends The Art of Books for your inventory needs)
    Free Free Free Free Free Free
    Website Hosting
    Web Email, 200 Meg storage with FTP access, AWStats, Webalizer, 10 Email Accounts
    Free Free Free Free Free Free

    *An Amazon Buy Button is required to be on every listing. When a customer buys an item using that buy button the normal 15% commission is taken by Amazon. Amazon pays WhiteOakBooks a commission out of that 15%. (Unless you are under 5000 in inventory or you pay the additional quarterly fee)

    More Information?   Email: website@whiteoakbooks.com
    You can also visit WOBBookSite Forums for additional help and questions.

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