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Teklab  Teklab
by William Shatner
Edition: Paperback
ASIN: 0441800114

Condition: Very Good
Comments: Very Good. December 1992.

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Customer Rating
Cardboard ¿ Smardboard This stuff is fun and fast Paced.
This is book 3 of the series that became a TV show for a short time. If you read and enjoyed the first 2 (Tekwar and Tek Lords) you will probably like this one also. This is as formulaic as a hit TV series, but you gotta love Jake and his friends as written by Shatner and his friends.

You might laugh about the plot idea for restoring the English monarchy, but I work with a salesman once who had a PHD in medieval history who felt the world would be better off under a single monarchy. He was serious. Votes straight dem to.

Anyway, I think Plots are like eating a food preparation for the first time. I don't mind trying it as it was intended to be eaten. A plot should be allowed to be developed, and only if it trips all over itself do I conclude that it was stupid in the context of the story being told. Of course the plot is stupid. That is why it must be stopped.

Customer Rating
What do you expect?
Teklab was a fast, fun read from the infamous William Shatner. Don't go into this book expecting anything great and you won't be disappointed. The pace is quick and the action furious. The characters are however, lacking in personality. Jake Cardigan is your basic hard-nosed detective type, with his Latino sidekick Gomez. They are assigned to investigate someone's murder which ends up involving them once again in the web of the Teklords. Anyway, it's a fun read if you're looking for something quick and light. Popcorn reading.
Customer Rating
Another quick, enjoyable read in "Tek" world
Yes, I bought the first Tek book, TekWar because it was written by William "Captain Kirk" Shatner. But I've continued buying the rest of the series because I actually enjoy the novels. They are fun to read, interesting characters, enough plot twists to keep interest but also simplistic enough to not lose you. They are also very quick reads which are always nice. I always feel like I'm sucked in quickly, experience the book at high speed, and then finish it off feeling resolved and pleased to have enjoyed it so quickly. Some people might feel ripped off for going through it so quickly, but not me. I enjoy it and will continue to buy all of Shatner's future Tek books. This is the third novel in the series.
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