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Golgotha Falls: An Assault on the Fourth Dimension  Golgotha Falls: An Assault on the Fourth Dimension
by Frank De Felitta
Edition: Paperback
ASIN: 0671507761

Condition: Acceptable
Comments: Fair. Creased cover and spine. Peel on front cover. Pages/Binding in good shape. 1985.

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Customer Rating
A book you'll remember for years to come.
I read this book about ten years ago, and I still look for it any book search i can find. It mesmerized me; rivoted me to my seat. It captivated me and still hasn't let me go. My advice? Read it but not in an empty house alone. (Bring your cross.) Certain scenes will stay with you. The ground splitting, the goats on the alter, the crucifixes having fallen upside down. A spiritual journey for the scientist, a life and death battle for the priest, that will make you see the world in a whole new light.
Customer Rating
Chilling and Creepy: Stays With You For Days and Days
Golgotha Falls is the story of a small Catholic church in outstate Massachusetts that comes under satanic attack, the scientists who want to study the phenomena, and the Jesuit who wants to exorcise the demon and reconsecrate it. In addition to the suprenatural elements of the story, there is a deep psychological struggle between the three main characters as they interpret the events around them. One of the more effective horror stories I've read simply because it's so creepy at the same time it seems totally plausible. It ranks with the great Christianity-based terror novels like The Exorcist for sheer believability and imagination. DeFellita expertly humanizes his characters so that the demonic attacks seem all the more real and personal. The Harvard lecture scene made me cringe - it's not to be missed. Truly one of the creepiest horror stories you'll find.
Featured Book
A Room for the Dead  A Room for the Dead
by Noel Hynd
Edition: Paperback
ASIN: 0786000899

Condition: Good
Comments: Good. Cover corners bent front&back. 1997.

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Our Price: $2.40
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Customer Rating
A Room for the Bored
Noel Hynde, a respected author (if his press is to be believed) has penned a promising murder mystery/ghost story, but ultimately fails to deliver the thrills and chills that the bookcover claims.

Frank O'Hara, a bright State Patrol Detective for the State of New Hampshire, is a haunted man. His primary demon is the stereotypical one of all literary Irish cops: alcohol. He invited this particular demon into his life upon the suicide of his long-time partner on the force. His partner, intelligent and one of N.H.'s best, one day, without warning, pulled out his own service revolver, put it to his head, and pulled the trigger. Word was that his partner had been slowly and quietly going insane...a fate that O'Hara fears is happening to him. See, a serial killer, whom O'Hara was instrumental in sending to the electric chair, is impossibly killing again. And to top it all off, the dead killer himself is visiting O'Hara's house, deep in the deadly grip of an east coast winter. O'Hara is "this close" to retirement...and doesn't appreciate this last big murder case...nor the fact that he's being pursued by the ghost of a killer, a ghost who is still claiming his unequivocal innocence.

One wonders in how many ways an author can show and tell a protagonists disbelief in all things spiritual...reading "A Room For The Dead" will quickly show you exactly how many, and show you how repetitive and irritating such a device can be. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if the story actually delivered the goods at the end of the 300-something pages this book contains. But it doesn't, and O'Hara ultimately just ends up sounding whiny and ridiculous...grating on the nerves. While the premise of this story is promising, it goes nowhere, and takes a long, long time to get there.

Customer Rating
This is the best book that I have ever read. I kept putting off buying the book because it just didn't look interesting. Then one day, when a long bus ride was ahead of me, I bought the book because there didn't seem to be anything better. I could not put the book down and the ending actually made me feel like crying.... not because it was a bad ending but because the main character seemed so real to me that I actually felt his emotions. I recommend "A Room for the Dead" to anyone who mentions that they are a "reader". I have read it five times now.
Customer Rating
A Room for the Dead
I love this book. I started reading it and I couldn't put it down. It is wonderfully written. I don't read as much I used to unless I find a great book like this one. I stumbled over it at my aunts house. i saw the cover and read the back and I was hooked on it. My mom wants to read it and she is a usual Stephen King fan! I recommend it to people who like to read a good book!
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