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N.A. Text : Narcotics Anonymous [Hardcover]  N.A. Text : Narcotics Anonymous [Hardcover]
by Narcotics Anonymous
Edition: Hardcover
ASIN: 0912075023

Condition: As New
Comments: As New. BK:As New/DJ:As New. 5th Edition. Perfect condition. 1991.

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Customer Rating
a useful book
The NA book is quite a useful book for those who need it. It comes from the AA text and a need for a text specifically for drugs. I found it isn't quite as dry reading, and for those who have a drug problem, more pertinant than the AA book alone, though you should supplement the NA text with the AA text. If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs, this book is an absolute must to have.
Customer Rating
While I do not believe the NA BASIC TEXT is written with total DIVINE INTERVENTION, this is a book that has changed many people's lives.

There are parts of the book that I disagree with, but imho the TWELVE STEPS OF NA (thanks AA), are a way of life for anybody!
We can apply these steps in All areas of our lives!

Again, this book was written by recovering addicts-it may have its flaws, but if you are tired of your active addicition; give yourself a chance and try the principals that are outlined in this book!

Customer Rating
live the steps! (just a suggestion!)
Uhhhhh... best book ever. Anybody can read about N.A. but until you live it, it's just a theory. Live the Steps, and do what the book says and don't pick up the first one and I guarantee you're life will get better and you'll look back and be like, "it's been how many years since I got high, damn!!!" My life frickin' rules today most of the time! LOLT (Life on Life's Terms)stills happens but that's reality (for once). Thanks N.A for givin me a sweet life today! You guys and girls rock! (no pun intended for the 'rock'! Ha!)
Featured Book
Necessary Losses: The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies and Impossible... Necessary Losses: The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies and Impossible...
by Judith Viorst
Edition: Paperback
ASIN: 0449132064

Condition: Good
Comments: Good. Creased binding. March 1987.

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New Price: $5.95
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Customer Rating
The best psychotherapy you can get from a book !
I wish I had read this book years ago - it would have saved me so much money, time & grief. In this book, Judith Viorst holds your hand as you navigate all the painfull places you have avoided before - losses, anxieties, dreams, expectations, fears, aging & death. In the process we gain an understanding of what has happened in our lives & in the lives of those we love & hate. She then teaches us how we can transcend those feelings, losses & fears to reach new levels in our growth - to become separate, responsible, reflective & connected people. We learn that there is life after loss, & if we learn how to look, we can see that real life can be infinitely sweeter than the expectations, dependencies, illusions & loves we have had to let go along the way.
Customer Rating
Not Revolutionary, Original, or Complicated, But Very Good
This book is mainly about perspective and coping. The general idea is that not only are losses unavoidable in life, they are also necessary. Every decision involves loss (i.e., when you choose A over B, you lose the the chance to also choose B), and every loss involves learning and growth. When we lose someone or something important to us, we have the opportunity to discover strengths within ourselves. Viorst is not glib about these losses, however, and does not dismiss the pain involved. The pain is part of the growth and self-discovery. This theme is a first cousin to "Anything that doesn't kill me, makes me stronger." The book also has some interesting ideas about how losses are key elements to human development across the entire lifespan. It is a bit sobering to read, but is very worthwhile.
Customer Rating
Very inspiring!
This book allows us to understand that letting go of some things is part of a maturation process in life. Though many people commonly feel like letting go is like giving up and being a loser, we also know that the most important lessons in life are learned from our losses. This author sheds some light on the important difference between these two things by providing us with interesting examples from her experiences. I think this book is excellent for people who are at the brink of letting go of something important to them. It gives them an extra bit of inspiration to let go and move on with their lives. For people who are not near this stage, this book may not make much sense simply because they are not yet emotionally ready for the next step. Another book that is excellent in explaining the emotional process of letting go and how that relates to personal development is "The Ever-Transcending Spirit" by Toru Sato. It explains these seemingly complex things in such a simple way that it is absolutely stunning!
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