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At the Heart of the Mountain: A Basic Adventure for the Commondore 64... At the Heart of the Mountain: A Basic Adventure for the Commondore 64...
by Nathaniel L. Scrimshaw
Edition: Paperback
ASIN: 0817631860

Condition: Good
Comments: Good. Several creases on back cover. 1984.

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Featured Book
Object-Oriented Modeling and Design [Hardcover]  Object-Oriented Modeling and Design [Hardcover]
by James R Rumbaugh
Edition: Hardcover
ASIN: 0136298419

Condition: Very Good
Comments: Very Good. BK:Very Good/DJ:No DJ. 1991.

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New Price: $79.00
Our Price: $16.00
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Customer Rating
Really nice book, got to find something like after 10 years
The chapters on object -> RDBMS mapping and implementation using non-OO languages are worth the whole book!

It's outdated because it uses the OMT, I would really thanks Rambaugh if he could write a new edition!

Customer Rating
Get started!
Lets face it, this is the best book to get started on Object Oriented Programming. An object is still an object, whether you show it in a cloud or in a box. Plus this book has some valuable tips on programming the right way, and puts reusability in perspective. Its written in extremely readable fashion, quite unlike some of the UML documents out there. The only thing that bothers me is the price tag, which seems to be a bit high.
Customer Rating
One of the OO bibles
A landmark in OO literature: always was and always will be. Taking things from step zero to discussing very advanced issues. The notation used is the one where UML has borrowed most of its elements (especially the class diagrams). The process it describes has become the typical process for OO development (especially 2nd generation OMT as described through a series of articles in JOOP by Rumbaugh). In all, a book that leaves nothing uncovered from notation to process and more importantly in depth discussions on OO concepts and techniques that will always be true. Finally, this is one of the few books that discuss how to implement an OO design into a non-OO language such as C, Pascal, Fortran etc. END
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